A beautiful designed magnificent school building is a necessity to provide healthy educational environment.
The School building is under construction in a congenial surroundings covering an area of 50,000 sq. ft. It is a huge complex and is designed by a well experienced architect. It provides modern facilities. Provision has been made for Library, Laboratories, Computer Room, Audio-Visual Aids, facilities for Creative Art, Indoor and Outdoor Games.

Class rooms are built on modern & scientific lines. They are provided with writing boards, computers & electronic projectors, comfortable sitting arrangement, cupboards, adequate lighting & ventilation. Each section shall consist of 30 to 40 students so that every student get individual and close attention of the teacher.

The campus has a open area with the following facilities:

  • A playground with swings, slides etc.
  • Lush green lawns
  • Kindergarten play ground
  • Children swimming pool in the making



To inculcate proper reading habits, library period is a part of the time table of each class. The library is well equipped with graded books & wide range of reference books for teachers to enrich their own classroom activities and instruction.



The school will establish excellent laboratories. The physics, chemistry and biology laboratories will be modern, well furnished and equipped with the latest facilities and apparatus providing ample opportunities to the students to do practical to do practical work.


Health Care

The school complex has a well equipped dispensary looked after by a qualified Doctor & Nursing Staff, who reside in the campus itself and are available round the clock. At the beginning of term, each child undergoes detailed medical examination. Aliments are attended immediately under the careful and expert guidance of the doctor and Children are taken to expert guidance of the doctor and Children are taken to specialist in case of emergency. Parents will be asked to take away their wards if suffering from any communicable and contagious disease. In case of any special medical assistance or hospitalization of the child, parents will have to meet the expenses.
For proper care of the child, parents are requested to supply full information of ailments and medication. If the child is allergic to any medicine, the same may the brought to the school doctor.


Computer Science Centre

Computer is an integral part of the curriculum and is compulsory from, class 1st onwards. We have computers backed by specially designed IBM curriculum, which is integrated with the C.B.S.E., curriculum.